Restaurant in Halong


Restaurants in Halong

Vietnamese Restaurant

It is situated by the Highway 18 directly opposite the Trung Nguyen Café. Here you will enjoy all the freshness and flavors of your favourite seafood which offer an extensive selection of Asian, Western and Vietnamese cuisines at both lunch and dinner periods. It is the ideal spot for family or business lunches or dinners.
It’s also the largest & the only Vietnamese restaurant in Halong city that has a nightly performance of Vietnamese traditional music.
Seating: 270
Open from: 11: 00 – 14: 00 & 16: 00 – 21: 30

Casino Restaurant
This is an international standard restaurant situated at the Royal International Gaming Centre which has a capacity of 200. In this restaurant, specialities from the Southern part of China can be found here. International buffets are served daily and nightly.
Seating: 140
Open time: 24/24h

Blue Coast Bar
Be it a wedding party, cocktail reception or dinner-This little place by the beach is the ultimate choice for any of your events! All you need is our little professional touch to make it an experience. Besides all these, we also have a choice of freshly prepared items for your consumption either by Barbeque or Steamboat. To enhance your evenings further, we also offer an open air Karaoke with a big screen and the latest hits where you can sing your hearts out.
Seating: 300
Open time: 10: 00 till 23: 00

Shark's Fin Restaurant
Located right at Baichay Beach of Halong City. This is the one and only restaurant in Halong serving a range of special cuisines such as Shark’s Fin Soup, Braised Whole Abalone, Stewed Whole Sea Cucumber … The food is prepared daily by talented Chinese Chef.
Seating: 120
Open from: 10: 00 – 14: 00 & 17: 00 – 22: 00

Kim Hang Restaurant

This restaurant is now considered the best in Halong city with good services, it is a big one with 4 floors, famous with sea food: squids, shrimps, lobsters, clams, crabs....

Add: 123 Halong road, Halong city
Tel: 033 846 809 / 640 298 / 640 278 * Fax: 033 847 659