Stork Island in Chi Lang Nam

Stork island, covering 31.673ha, is located in the middle of An Duong Lake in Chi Lang Nam Commune, Thanh Mien District, Hai Duong Province. It is one of the most attractive eco-tourism areas in the north. Visiting stork island in the early morning or late afternoon, tourists will be impressed by the image of thousands of white flocks of night herons shadowing the sky, composing a spectacular scene.

According to local people in Chi Lang Nam, there are many interesting legends about the stork island. In the past, this area was sunken and the island was formed in the 15th century after the dyke of the Red River collapsed because of a big flood. Gradually, it became the home of different varieties of storks, herons and birds.

At present, there are about 16,000 storks of six species, such as white storks, fiery storks, cattle egrets, and grey storks. There are also 6,000 herons on the island. Many rare and valuable birds can be found here such as pelicans or teals. Every year, in September of the lunar calendar when the north-east wind blows, thousands of storks, herons and birds from other places fly to the island. They often stay there until April of the following year. Therefore, the island becomes a destination of tourists and an environmental education centre is there to help raise awareness of environmental protection.

The best time to visit Chi Lang Nam Stork Island is at sunrise or sunset. At these times, visitors will have a chance to behold a beautiful painting with white storks and herons flocking out of and into the lake. Tourists will enjoy a spacious and greenish space with the peaceful landscape of a rural area. It is wonderful to mingle with nature and be away from our busy lives.

Management Board of Chi Lang Nam Stork Island Eco-tourism Area
- Tel: 0320 3739125
- Address: Hamlet 1, An Duong Village, Chi Lang Nam Commune, Thanh Mien District, Hai Duong
Province, 30km south of downtown Hai Duong City, in the direction of Road 39B.
- Ticket price: 10,000VND/person. (Source: VNP)

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