More than 3.42 million foreign tourists visit Vietnam

In July, the number of foreign tourists visiting Vietnam reached an estimated 460,000; raising the figure for the first seven months this year to more than 3.42 million - representing a year-on-year increase of 17.3 percent.

Over the past seven months, the number of foreign tourists arriving in Vietnam by air increased by 22.6 percent from the same period last year. The number of tourists visiting the country by road and sea decreased.

Markets seeing increases in the number of tourists to Vietnam are China with nearly 786,000 arrivals (up 53.5 percent), the Republic of Korea with more than 300,000 arrivals (up 4 percent), the US with more than 273,000 arrivals (up 2.5 percent), Japan with nearly 269,000 arrivals (up 11.7 percent) and Australia with 171,000 arrivals (up 2.3 percent).

Southeast Asian countries also witnessed growth in the number of tourists in Vietnam.Cambodian tourists have increased by 74.2 percent from last year, Malaysian visitors grew by 18.7 percent while the number of people coming from Singapore rose 10.6 percent./. (Source: CPV)

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