Binh Phuoc: Tourism development associated with environmental protection

Located in the South East Viet Nam, about over 100km from Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Phuoc Province has great potential for tourism development, helping to boost the provincial economy.

Binh Phuoc has many landscapes and vestiges such as Bau Lach grass field, Bu Gia Map National Park, Mien Ta Thiet Command Base, Loc Ninh Military Airport, Ba Ra Mountain, Bombo Village. Historical and cultural vestiges are considered as the main attractiveness of the province’s tourism products. Moreover, the ethnic minorities’ festivals, gastronomy and traditional lifestyles are also regarded as potentials to promote historical – cultural tourism in Binh Phuoc, where 41 ethnic groups resident. Therefore, the province has made many efforts to preserve and promote these precious values. In addition to upgrading and restoring relics and festivals which have been lost, Binh Phuoc tourism has taken practical activities of management, preservation and promotion.

In the tourism development, Binh Phuoc Province has paid much attention to environmental protection, as cultural values are subject to change under pressure of tourism. Aware of the matter that natural and social environment is the important factor in tourism development; each environmental impact will influence tourism activities by both tourists and tourism traders. Binh Phuoc Province has built up and implemented sustainable tourism development, of which environmental protection is given first priority. As for natural environment, its impact assessments are conducted comprehensively on every tourism investment project, tourist area and accommodation. At the same time, the management is strengthened by investigating, assisting tourism enterprises to maintain discipline in environmental protection. In addition, the participation of local residents and concerned departments, parties to implement tourism environment protection are necessary.

In the coming time, Binh Phuoc Province will put more efforts to coordinate with related departments in the locality and neighborhoods to integrate and combine tourism programmes; protect environment in tourist sites; restore and promote festivals, folk cultural activities, and craft villages to develop sustainable tourism.

Phuong Anh (TITC)

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