Ceremonial singing at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Hanoians will have a chance to enjoy a ca tru (traditional ceremonial singing) show by UNESCO’s ca tru club at the outdoor stage of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology on March 28.

Born in about the 15th century and reaching its golden peak in the 19th century, ca tru, an UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, like many ancient and highly developed arts, has many forms, but the most widely known and widely performed type involves three performers: a female vocalist, a lute player and a spectator (who also takes part in the performance).

The female singer provides the vocals while playing her phach (small wooden sticks on a small bamboo platform) to serve as percussion. She is accompanied by a man who plays the dan day, a long-necked, 3-string lute used almost exclusively for the genre. Last is the spectator (often a scholar or connoisseur of the art) who strikes a trong chau (praise drum) in praise of the singer’s performance, usually with every passage of the song.

After enjoying ca tru, visitors can enjoy a puppet water show.

Tickets are available at the museum, Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi and are VND25,000. (Source: SGT)

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