Dong Son Fine Art Exhibition

An exhibition and conference entitled “Dong Son Fine Art (from 1,800 to 2,500 years)” will be held by the Vietnam University of Fine Art, in conjunction with the Centre for Southeast Asian Prehistory from September 26 to October 3 2011. At the same time, the “Love for Dong Son Fine Art” will also be launched.

Beside many antiques the exhibition also introduces the other aspects of Dong Son fine art which have been lost, such as fabric, wood and painting techniques and the musical instruments and sound of Dong Son.

At the exhibition, the organising board will present the achievements in research of Dong Son fine art. They hope that these achievements will encourage pride in the country and the conservation of cultural heritage for students in fine art.

On this occasion, the organising board will also launch the award, "Love for the Dong Son Fine Art" for the students of Vietnam University of Fine Art. The award was originally initiated by the Pham Huy Thong Foundation.

Dong Son Culture represents one of many peaks in the development of the history of Vietnam and Southeast Asia. This culture directly created the social premise for Vietnam entering the threshold of civilisation with the social model of state and pre-state as Van Lang, Au Lac States. (Source: CPV)

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