The American women of Hanoi as the palm

Ms. Raquelle Azran, a woman carrying the American and French descent, born and raised in Israel, love Vietnam as his second home.

Having participated in the movement against the U.S. made war in Vietnam, Ms. Raquelle Azran to Vietnam from the 90s with a desire to leave the country of Vietnam after the war and there is also the time she began for the love for Vietnam, Hanoi. In the past 18 years love is still nurtured by the unforgettable day.

And aristocratic elegance is the first impression of anyone who first met Ms. Raquelle Azran.Voi permanent smile on her face, she Raquelle told only a very short time after arriving in Hanoi, she had to say this is one of the most beautiful places in the world, she is really in love with this land and devoted love for Hanoi.

Ms. Raquelle go to Hanoi, not because of what luxury, magnificent, but she loved Hanoi, by the simple, ancient, very insanely close and dear. In particular, Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular are important factors make this love.

Explaining why she was sticking to Hanoi for 18 years and see this city as his home Monday, she Raquelle Azran said: "I think where I considered my home, must have felt comfortable with people around, with language, with dishes every day and with his even walking in the city. To feel like home to me, I feel this is a special place where you belong and it belongs to you and for me Hanoi really is. Just as I went down to the airport I felt at home already. I feel really comfortable. "

With her Raquelle, Hanoi as part of her life. Panoramic views of the city, as well as sound life's daily activities were absorbed into Hanoi from when she did not know. Ms. Raquelle proud to say that her life time and stick with Hanoi had enough of this city as her palm.

No hesitation she said clearly on the streets of Hanoi as a tourist guide service: From Ly Nam De Street going down to the Hang Bong, Hang Bong went almost turned down the Hang Trong, from this city turns is contrary to the Hoan Kiem Lake, which can reach every Manh, where the famous bun cha restaurant, then return to Hang Gai. Trang Tien Street and Hang Gai is where a lot of very nice gallery. Also, the exquisite cuisine of Vietnam as well as her more love Hanoi.

Review Raquelle excited about the dish that she enjoyed: "I love so many of Hanoi's dishes, spring rolls are excellent dishes, I like to eat sticky rice in the morning, I love fried fish dishes, bun cha and other marine products. Vietnam's cuisine is excellent anywhere in Vietnam, you can also eat a lot of dishes, a very interesting thing was the Vietnam people eat more but still very healthy and keep in shape because the items ingredients are very beneficial for health. "

Woman dual citizenship U.S. and Israel have spent more time exploring the beauty of Vietnam, in the past 18 years, regularly every year on 3 May Raquelle she returned to Vietnam where she was considered a home away from home two of his to live and discover the natural beauty. One thing very casually and as well as the charming Ms. Raquelle and actually found passion for painting and in Vietnam for nearly two decades she has to stick with it and collecting a lot of work Vietnam artists.

Ms. Raquelle Azran explains the cause of her art to Vietnam: "For myself, when I look at art drawings instantly direct my comments, I feel there is a relationship with drawings, there are many paintings in the style of the modern world does not attract you, but sometimes even push you out, while the art of Vietnam has welcomed you, attract you, so warm and direct. Vietnam Fine Art is a lot of peace of the influence of ancient and modern, Eastern, Western, Asian and both material and subject. "

Because of that uninterrupted for years, she has tirelessly Raquelle Azran bring the works of local artists to introduce Vietnam and exhibitions in many countries like UK, USA, Singapore, Israel, Ha Lan.vv.. She has in mind a unique work of art that is increasingly looking at it as you will find many interesting things, and as more and see many interesting things you will love it more and more. With the land and people of Hanoi, too, as life, as explored, the more she saw attachment and love it more. Raquelle She said she has too many memories of Vietnam, especially Hanoi.

She told an anniversary that she could not forget in his life: "For years, people still say that the Hoan Kiem Lake in central Hanoi, a huge turtle, which is a symbol of good fortune by because the turtle has been granted for the sword of King Le Loi. At first I thought it was just a fiction, as in many other countries. One day I was near Hoan Kiem Lake area, I see people racing to run in one direction, so I also run. I've seen very large turtle, I believe this is a true story, then every time I tell everyone about turtle, who also told me that lucky. It's a very nice memories of my back to Hanoi. "

Any time away from Hanoi, she always felt Raquelle Azran miss, remember the small streets, remember every face, every smile of Hanoi. She confided that on his mind, "I remember waking up moments to look through the window to see the sister bike to sell fresh flowers, fresh fruit, I remember the sounds of Vietnamese, whenever I I have returned to Vietnam to open the TV just to hear the sound, the Vietnamese language, but this can not be found anywhere else in the world. Hanoi is not lavish, gorgeous but Hanoi always close and dear. Vietnam, Hanoi would forever be my second home. (Source: VOV)

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